New York

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Hub of cultural activity Darling of the architect's office. The place to go to eat and shop. Trendsetter. New York City is adorned with numerous tiaras and offers a sumptuous banquet to those who enter. Flights to New York will land down to the world of curiosities, whether it is nexus of arts or gastronomic journey, New York will always surprise you in every other day

The Artistic Node

It's impossible to begin to count the number of well-known art institutions that may be found in New York City alone. Expansive galleries house Japanese sculpture, postmodern American painting, Himalayan fabrics, and New York City folklore. Museums cover a wide range of topics, from fin-de-siècle Vienna to mediaeval European treasures. Check out Chelsea and the Lower East Side's cutting-edge galleries for a peek of today's and the future's greatest artists, as well as the newer galleries in Brooklyn and Queens. Cheap flights to New York will definitely give you enough incentives to broaden your imagination.

Inhabitants of the City

New York City is a walker's paradise because of its compact size and streets stuffed with eye candy of all kinds, including architectural wonders, old-world cafes, and evocative bookshops. In this confused city of over 200 ethnicities, it's easy to wander across continents. It's easy to get lost in the bustle of Chinatown, which is home to Buddhist temples and piping-hot noodle restaurants, before making your way up to Nolita for intriguing boutiques and coffee tasting. For a glimpse of New York City as a whole, head to the Upper West Side for its century-old Jewish delis or Greenwich Village for its cobblestone pathways. And the greatest way to get a sense of the city is to simply wander about. Book cheap tickets to New York and explore the city like never before.


It is at this moment that New York changes into a vast stage as the sun gently sets beyond the Hudson. Broadway's iconic theatres host well-known actors and world-class vocalists, dancers, and musicians from all over the world. Whether you're looking for highbrow or lowbrow entertainment, New York City has it all: gritty rock gigs at dive bars in Williamsburg, extravagant opera productions at the Lincoln Centre, and more. In this city, you'll find experimental theatre, improve comedy, indie film and more. If you can imagine anything, it's most likely already here.

The Capital of Culinary Arts

New York City dining has never been better. Seasonal and locally produced cuisine is the norm in the area, with restaurants growing their own produce on rooftops on upstate farms, sourcing meats and fish from local sustainable businesses, and manufacturing everything from coffee roasting and whiskey distillation to chocolate and cheese making. Some of the most inventive dining establishments these days are gastro pubs, which serve delightful small dishes combined with beverages from the pre-Prohibition era. Of course, you may also visit one of the city's 75 Michelin-starred restaurants or a gourmet food truck.

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