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Columbus Day falls on Monday, 10 October this year. That means the long weekend is approaching! Don't worry if you haven't made plans to leave town yet; we've got you covered.

There's still time to get a cheap flight for Columbus Day weekend, whether you've been delaying, are running late, or simply waiting for a good price. Major airlines such as United, and WOW Air are offering discounts on flights to popular destinations around the United States. Check out the routes below for some ideas for your long weekend getaway. The cheapest flights will sell out quickly, so book now while they're still available! Columbus Day flight specials flights are on sale now, grab it now.

When is Columbus Day in the year 2023?

On the second Monday in October, Columbus Day is commemorated. Columbus Day will be celebrated on October 9th in 2023.

What is the significance of Columbus Day in the United States?

Columbus Day celebrates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas. On this day, most businesses and schools are closed in several parts of the country. Parades and large activities are held, and the day was initially marked in San Francisco in 1869 as a celebration of Italian-American ancestry.

This is the ideal time for a weekend getaway excursion, whether you're looking for Columbus Day parades, local events, or simply an opportunity to relax in nature, this is the ideal time to go on a weekend getaway. Because it is a long weekend, many airlines are offering discounted Columbus Day flights.

When is the best time to book flights for Columbus Day in 2023?

Because Columbus Day is a long weekend, airline tickets are in high demand. To get affordable flights for Columbus Day weekend, it's a good idea to book ahead of time. When you book 30-45 days ahead of time, you can receive great deals on airfares. You can also book flights for Columbus Day in September since some online travel agencies (OTAs) offers deals at that time. Because the summer tourist season is ended and the winter tourist season has yet to begin, travellers can have a lovely vacation without going over their budget.

How can I find low cost flights for Columbus Day 2023?

You can save money on Columbus Day flights by following a few simple guidelines. The following are a few of the most important:

  • To save money on flights, get tickets in advance, for example at least 30-45 days before
  • To get Columbus Day flight deals 2023, book your flights through OTAs.
  • To receive frequent updates on flight promos and discounts, sign up for the newsletter.
  • Flying on budget airlines will save you money on your flight tickets.
  • To avoid paying for higher airfares, get plane tickets on weekdays