Premium Economy Class Flights

Premium Economy Flight

Passengers are offered a range of advantages in premium economy flights which are superior to economy class and guarantee a comfortable and hassle-free journey. Broadly speaking the facilities offered in this section includes comfortable seating, enhanced and more services, superior amenities as well as priority services at the airport. Needless to say, it has caught the fancy of travelers who have nicknamed such flights as cheap premium economy flights. These have emerged as one of the best options for travelers who prefer a comfortable and well-serviced flight without having to book into business class.

Premium Economy Vs Economy

Nobody can deny the fact that there are quite a few differences between the economy and premium economy sections of any airline. But, what are these differences? Let’s find out.

Priority Services:

  • Premium Economy Class: Passengers traveling in this section have check-in counters as well as priority boarding lanes, especially for them which reduces hassles and saves time. The passengers in this category also receive priority luggage handling as their luggage is the first to be dispatched to the baggage claim area.
  • Economy Class: Such services are not available for passengers traveling in economy class. This means that a traveler in economy class has to sweat longer in the queue while those in the premium economy class get preferential treatment both in check-in as well as in priority handling.

Superior in-flight Amenities:

  • Premium Economy Class: Travelers in this category enjoy many superior services which include diverse options for meals and complimentary drinks (some airlines also provide complimentary alcoholic drinks). The food is also served to the passengers in this section on proper plates. Passengers also get amenity kits with objects like eye masks, earplugs, toothbrushes, etc. They also receive softer blankets, comfortable pillows as well as headphones to mitigate noise.
  • Economy Class: The food offered in this section has limited variety and you would have to pay for beverages, especially alcoholic beverages. Amenity kits might not be provided in many airlines while you might be handed a thin blanket and a small pillow.

Cabin Layout and Environment

  • Premium Economy Class: This section is set inside a separate cabin and guarantees a quieter, calmer, and exclusive setup. There is also less number of seats in every row and passengers are provided with more personal space.
  • Economy Class: Seating arrangements in economy class are much more compact, the space is less and the seats themselves are also small and can prove to be hassling especially if the journey is long.

Health & Comfort

  • Premium Economy Class: The seats in this category are not only spacious and comfortable but they also come with recline sets and footrests making the journey comfortable and reducing the risk of such health issues as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The seats in this category are also designed ergonomically which ensures better support and cuts down on fatigue, especially on longer flights.
  • Economy Class: The seats in this category are narrower and have reduced foot space making you feel cramped. It also has maximum seats so there is no scope for privacy and you are also exposed to noise and chatter which can prove to be tiresome.

Advantages of Premium Economy Air Fare Deals

  • Enhanced Personal Space: Enjoy traveling in a spacious and comfortable seat that offers at least 50% more space on all sides. With more leg space to rest your legs, at least 1 to 2 inches more than what you get in economy class, you won’t feel the slightest of inconvenience even on the longest of flights.
  • Entertainment Galore: Travelers in premium economy airfare deals can enjoy a range of music or movie options which they can watch on 11 to 12-size monitors relaxing lavishly on the spacious seats.
  • Fly in Relaxed State: A calm and restful environment greets you in the premium economy section as you are seated in a cabin with fewer seats which ensures less noise that leads to a hassle-free journey. The availability of an amenity kit with such useful items as eye masks, earplugs, toothbrushes, etc. further ensures that travel in utmost convenience.
  • Chilled Out Environment: The passengers are offered a non-alcoholic welcome drink on their arrival in premium economy class. A bottle of water is also made available at your seat. You can choose from a sumptuous menu and enjoy your meal piping hot in the best of cutlery and plates.

Airlines that Offer Premium Economy Facilities

The prominent airlines that offer premium economy flights around the world are listed below.

  • United Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Qantas Airways
  • Air New Zealand
  • Eva Air
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Air France
  • Aeroflot
  • Japan Airlines
  • Virgin Australia
  • China Airlines

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