Flights to Honolulu – Fly for the unlimited fun and joy

Honolulu the capital city of Hawaii has all the ingredients to be an amazing vacation escape. Hawaii welcomes over 10 million visitors and the majority of them flee to Honolulu for an adrenaline rushing vacation. That is why flights to Honolulu are one of the most searched keywords amongst tourists looking for a vacation. The capital city is popular for its beachside shacks serving a wide range of cocktails and drinks. Apart from the beaches and outdoor adventure, there is so much to explore in Honolulu. Whether it is wading through China Town or indulging in delicious culinary delights to visiting popular landmarks like Aloha Tower, tourists will be left desiring more. Shoppers can quench their thirst at the world’s biggest open-air shopping center at Ala Moana. Honolulu has got numerous art museums perfect for art lovers to explore.

Outdoor enthusiasts too have a lot of things on a platter. From exploring numerous beaches and indulging in multiple water-based sports activities to jungle hiking trails Honolulu is amazing. At the night the city takes an entirely different avatar offering a wide range of interesting activities to do. Hawaii is an expensive destination and visitors planning a trip can look for cheap flights to Honolulu to make the trip low-cost. Below are the top destinations to visit in Honolulu for an out-of-the-world experience.

Iolani Palace

It is an interesting palace and the only one indigenously constructed on the land of Hawaii. Popularly known as the “The Kingdom of Hawaii” the palace was the official residence of the kings and queens until the monarch was overthrown in a coup in 19the century. After the coup, Hawaii became part of the United States. This palace offers a glimpse into the local Hawaiian lifestyle. Located in downtown Hawaii the palace is decked with paintings and plush carpets and artifacts. Visitors have a wonderful chance to tour and watch an exhibition of vintage clothes, furniture, and fixture. People can also listen to audio recordings about the lavish and interesting history of the palace.

Manoa Falls

A stunner for the nature enthusiast, Manoa Falls is located inside the dense tropical rainforest. The 150-foot waterfall is the center of attraction in the Manoa Falls Trek. It is an amazing trek filled with adventures and trees forming stunning canopies making the journey a thrilling ride. The exciting trail has been a part of several Hollywood hit movies like Jurassic Park and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Locals also believed that the place is roamed by Nightmarchers ghostly ancient Hawaiian warriors. Another stunner in proximity is Lyon Arboretum botanical garden that people can visit. People looking for an adventure trail, this trek is not to be missed.

Dolphin Quest Oahu

Dolphin lovers or anyone looking for a unique experience must visit the Dolphin Quest Oahu in Honolulu. The park offers experience that goes beyond just watching the dolphins. The park has a wide range of packages that visitors can avail to interact with these intelligent sea creatures. The basic package includes stepping into the pool and taking pictures with the dolphin. Other packages that visitors can take are socializing with dolphins, feeding, and petting. Visitors can also venture into snorkeling with the dolphins for an entirely new adventure. Without a doubt, the park is one of the major attractions in the whole of Honolulu. Visitors looking for a unique experience a visit to Dolphin Quest Oahu is a must.


Waikiki is a bubbling neighborhood in Honolulu known for its peppy outdoor ambiance. The place is filled with different restaurants, shops, theaters, museums, and resorts. Skyscrapers overlook the beaches and the shopfront decked with souvenirs and surfboards makes the entire scene incredible. Waikiki offers a wide range of fun activities to indulge in. It is exactly the place that will make anyone's holiday unforgettable. No matter in which month, the destination is a spectacular place for vacationing in Hawaii.

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