Flights to Maldives

Flights to Maldives

The natural beauty of Maldives is worth witnessing. There are so many different types of tours you can take at this place. Not only you’ll be able to experience the natural beauty, but you can even experience the history. To get a glimpse of the past you can visit the Museum, or you can even have a look at the Tsunami Museum. To experience all of this you must start looking for the flights to Maldives. For that, we are there to help you out.

List of Airports

Maldives is a small country but there are several airports that this country has to serve the tourists. That is because thousands of travellers from around the world like to visit it. You can see the list of those airports given ahead. These airports can be helpful for you in making the booking of cheap Flights to Maldives.

  • Velana International Airport
  • Gan International Airport
  • Maafaru International Airport
  • Hanimaadhoo International Airport
  • Villa International Airport Maamigili

The airports above are always there to serve you. You can choose the airport that is closest to your booked hotel. In this way, it is going to be very convenient and easy for you to travel.

Facilities at the Velana International Airport (MLE)

Velana International Airport is the airport that serves Maldives with the most number of flights. This is the reason the facilities this airport offers you are as good as any other international airport. One of the best features of this airport is the food quality. That means you don’t need to carry dinner, lunch, or any meal with you. That is because several big brands are there to help you out. Some of the popular brands are listed ahead.

  • The Coffee Club
  • Thai Express
  • Burger King

You don’t need to worry about the satisfaction of your taste buds.

Options To Make the Booking for Maldives

There are several ways to make the booking of tickets to Maldives. You need to choose any of the options that suit you as per your needs.

  • The experts of the online travel agency are trained in finding the low budget bookings for the passengers. You can connect with us for that by only calling the official number. Soon, our team is going to help you by providing the best deals. You can even customize your deals with us so that it can justify your budget easily.
  • The other way is to connect with an airline. In case there is an airline in which you have a lot of faith. Then you only need to visit their official website. On the website, you can enter your trip details. Once you have entered it, then you will come across a list of the flights to your destination. You only need to pick the one that is cheapest for your budget.

In case you are not habitual of online booking, then you can even try the traditional method or old school method. For that, you can visit the airport. At the airport, you can make the booking at the counter of your airline, and at the same time, you will be able to avoid some of the taxes.

Booking Tips

Some tips for making the booking of the connecting or direct flights to Maldives can be followed to get discounts. These are very simple, and you don’t need an expert's help to follow them.

  • Avoid weekends because weekdays are always more expensive. Most of the people from around the world like to travel during weekends. So, ensure that you have made the booking on weekdays because this is the time when the cost of the ticket is much cheaper.
  • Use incognito mode while making the booking. That is because, in this mode, you will be able to avoid the cookies. This will let you see more options for the deals and packages.
  • Make sure that you are flexible with the dates and the airports. That means landing at different airports can be cheaper sometimes. So, make sure you choose the airport wisely because that will make a good amount of difference to your air ticket price.
  • May to October is considered as the cheapest month to make the booking. So, ensure that you have made the booking to the Maldives during this time of the year. During these months the footfall is low, and that drops down the cost of the ticket.

Seasonal Considerations

If you are looking for a season when it doesn’t rain much in Maldives, and the days are quite warm and sunny, then January is the best time for that. It has also been noticed that during this time the sea is also very calm. So, you can go around for a walk at the beach with your friends, or family, and then you will be able to experience the best of your vacation.

Traveller’s guide

There are several things you can do in Maldives. You only need to pick your favourite activities. Some of the highest-rated things that tourists love to do here in this country are mentioned ahead. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of those.

  • Kayaking

It is one of the most popular activities in the Maldives. You can choose to do this water activity. In case you love water activities, then you are certainly going to love it.

  • Underwater walking

Through this activity, you can walk on the Ocean bed, and then you will be able to experience aquatic life. Isn’t that fantastic for a vacation?

  • Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is one of the best water adventures around the world. You can stick to this sport if you want to experience the thrill of being underwater.

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