Flights to Africa – Fly to the land of rich wildlife

Africa is a kaleidoscope of wildlife wandering in the open grasslands, untamed lands, and rich traditions that has able to stand the testimony of changing times. Whether you are a maiden visitor or an experienced one flights to Africa make sure that everyone looking to discover the incredible continent can do so. Besides its rich wildlife Africa is hailed for its beautiful landscapes offering a perfect ecosystem for the diverse wildlife to thrive. From the open grasslands of Serengeti and Masai Mara to the soaring Mt Kilimanjaro and spectacular waterfalls, the continent offers a lifetime of adventure. Though most people visit Africa to explore its rich wildlife and enjoy the world-famous safari. But beyond thrilling safaris, the continent has a rich culture, traditions, and food to explore.

A traveler can go for cheap flights to Africa to witness the spectacle. Its cities are known for offering a peek into age-old customs and traditions. Much of Africa is still underdeveloped and this gives a wonderful opportunity to explore the rich culture and traditions. Many African tribes are still living like they used to live thousands of years ago. African cities' positive vibes, vibrant nature, and beautiful outdoor surroundings make them interesting places to visit and explore.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town's unparalleled outdoor settings featuring Table Mountain, incredible beaches, and multiple natural attractions beguiles travelers from across the globe. The Lion’s Head and the picturesque Table Mountain offer a perfect setting to hike and enjoy the panoramic views. The majestic Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is a must-visit. Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is another magnificent attraction to see a wide range of plant species. Tourists in Cape Town should be ready for a unique surprise that is penguins, which they will see only a 30-minute drive from the city center. Another iconic attraction in Cape Town is Robben Island holds a prison where Nelson Mandela was put during his days of struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Now the island has a museum dedicated to the life of Nelson Mandela.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh old architecture and culture attract travelers from across the globe. The walled medina city offers a perfect setting to explore the vibrant souks offering a glimpse of the old world. Its serpentine alleyways are lined with shops selling all kinds of souvenirs, spices, textiles, jewelry, and food. Dotted with multiple ancient buildings like the 12th century Koutoubia Mosque featuring a beautiful ancient minaret. Tourists must visit the museums and galleries like Contemporary Art Al Maaden to see the magnificent artifacts and antiques.

Cairo, Egypt

Beautifully nestled on the banks of the Nile River, Cairo’s cacophony and vibrancy are unparalleled compared to any other African city. The ancient city offers an interesting perspective where the old world charm meets the new world’s energy. Of course, most people visit Cairo to discover the incredible Giza pyramid and the Great Sphinx. Major attractions in Cairo include the Egyptian Museum featuring a wide range of ancient artifacts, antiquities, and more. The famous Tahir Square and the 187-meter-high Cairo Tower are must visit in Cairo.

Stone Town, Zanzibar

The small coastal town is mostly famous for its crystal clear water, white sand beaches, and several other tourist attractions. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a great place to visit and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere. The island town features beautiful beaches and sapphire sea water perfect to swim and bask under the tropical sun. The town’s winding alleyways are perfect to wander and explore the hidden gems the town has.

Algiers, Algeria

The capital city is yet another magnificent gem offering a concoction of European and Arab influences. Often refers as the “Paris of North Africa” the picturesque city nestled on the Mediterranean coast is cherished for its stunning beaches. When in Algiers, tourists must visit the old town of Kasbah famed for its old whitewashed buildings, palaces, and an old Ottoman vibe.

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